The Enormous Escapade

Biggest turnout yet

“Can we do this every week” “The best morning ever” “I felt like a kid again” “So much fun” were some of the comments flying around after our second ever “prison break” style event, this year named The Enormous Escapade. Everyone was buzzing after the mornings activities and then the photos started pouring in and the laughing began.

This year we had a massive 17 teams turn out with 5 or 6 members. All in amazing fancy dress and with funny team names, they had to solve a clue and meet at the mystery start point.

Arundel bound

Once the clue was solved which led them to the back of Swanbourne Lake in Arundel, the games could begin. They had the option to win a leader by throwing a ball in to a cone and then select one lucky leader from the 118 pack! Teams stuck in their packs of 6 and socially distanced to avoid breaking any Covid 19 health & safety guidance.

Points mean prizes…or just points!

With rules clearly outlined and the various ways to win points confirmed, they set off with the main aim being to get as far away as they could. Once at their location they had to send a pin drop and a team photo with the packet of skittles given to them at the start. They then had to make it back to base for 11am and not before.

Points were also awarded for best team name, fancy dress, team photo, team criteria (mixing up members – new, experienced, from different sessions), arriving on time to right locations, winning a leader, returning on time. This way it was not all about the running but more the team spirit which was absolutely in abundance.

Everyone’s a winner

All the teams were back by 11am and to avoid a stampede to the volunteers starting table, another game of ball in the bucket decided the points for finishing on time. Refreshments were served and all the teams were happy, slightly damp and some a little bedraggled but elated. Some teams had run through fields and up n down hills , some had gone through the town, others to Arundel castle, some along the river, some in the playground and others visited the nearby convent! I heard the residents and visitors of Arundel were absolutely delighted to see the fancy dressed teams darting about, many were stopped and asked to have pictures or told “they had made their day”.

Once back home the locations were mapped “as the crow flies” and points awarded. The results and hundreds of hilarious photos of the teams in action posted on our private group page. We had joint winners of “Nuns on the Run” and “50 Shades of Age” our colour pencil crayons. As you will see from the photos so much effort was made by the teams and we were all left buzzing after such a successful event. Great to be back together as a club after a particularly difficult 16 months. Massive well done to every who took part.

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