Creative Running

Move over Banksy ….the Foxy Ladies are the new artists about town!

Art map creations helps the ladies stay focused

From the 1st January for a week the members of FLRC were tasked with producing a work of art whilst out running. They either, ran a random route then using their imagination turned it into a masterpiece, or planned and created a route in the shape of something before they set out and completed the vision whilst out running. Whichever way round they did it they came up with some impressive ideas.

The creations have been flooding in daily and it has proved a popular challenge. Keeping lots of our ladies motivated to run or walk (if injured) and produce artistic creations daily. They have taken to the sea front promenade, off road to the woods and trails or just around their local streets.

Getting the family involved

It has taken quite a lot of determination to keep going out through the recent cold and previously wet weather but once given a focus the ladies always rise to it. What is heart warming to see is the amount of family members getting involved. Whether it’s the children accompanying mum on a bike, or running along with them, or helping turn their maps into unique works of art. Even lots of the ladies partners have sprung into action as +1 running buddies to get creative.

Streak challenge

Alongside the arty maps we have also set the ladies a running streak challenge. They choose how long they set their running streak for x 3 days / 5 days / x 7 or more. Some ladies have even gone one step further and decided to run everyday for the whole month. RED January (run every day) or Run 31 are great challenges which are charity fund raisers for local and or national charities.

With lockdown set to continue for some time yet, we aim to set weekly challenges to keep the ladies running when and where they can, adhering to all government COVID safe guidelines. As well as a weekly task we continue to support and encourage our members with 1 to 1 running, twice weekly zoom strength classes, alternative exercise solutions, wellbeing mindfulness and informative posts.

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