Bringing a little colour to the grey wintery days.

The Foxy Ladies members remain colourful throughout this team challenge.

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated to go out for a run in the COLD or RAIN or WIND or in the dark on a frosty evening or when its still covered with a blanket of ice first thing in the morning. So what better way to keep going then with the support of a virtual team taking part in the fun Colour Challenge?

Communication is key

As well as encouraging the members to keep going out running for their mental and physical health, we also wanted this challenge to be about communication. To involve members that are perhaps more remote and don’t have access to a +1 running buddy at the moment, or those living alone or having to shield or isolate. To have a bit of banter, exchange messages and photos with like-minded people in a “WhatsApp” or “Messenger” group can really make a difference to someone’s day, especially at the moment with the current pandemic affecting everyone’s lives in some shape or form.

Team tasks and tactics

The members were tasked with choosing a colour for their team which they must try to wear during the challenge and provided with a shopping list of tasks they had to complete as a whole team. Each team consisted of 5 members and 20 teams took part. Their shopping list looked like this;

They had to plan which team member would cover which task on which day – lots of the Foxy ladies members are taking part in RED (Run Every Day) for charity or continuing a previously set streak challenge which meant quite a few could easily tick off item no 2. run every day with just one team member!

Their were adaptions made for injured members or newer less experienced runners and everyone wholeheartedly embraced all the tasks.


The 20 teams were then asked to evidence their tasks and publish their photos in any form of media onto the clubs private Facebook page. Some teams produced imaginative collages and others individual photos of collective tasks, we also received some amazing creative videos.

The 20 teams who took part all donned team colours!

After seeing the team’s presentations of the challenge, it was clear to see they had all really enjoyed it and had put a lot of time and effort into doing it. The feedback was great, they had a lot of fun taking part, some trying new things they hadn’t done before, meeting new foxy members or running or chatting with members from different groups. It also helped pass another week of lockdown and most importantly new lines of communication have opened and new friendships made.

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