Lockdown Life at FLRC

The Challenges continue….

Keeping our members engaged and motivated during lockdown has not only had our leaders becoming even more creative than usual with the challenges but its kept our ladies busy with all sorts of activities from our own version of Cluedoh to indoor strength and conditioning work like balancing on one leg, and from socially distanced team relays to duathlons. Read on to find out a little more about what we have been getting up to.

Team Relay

Teams of ladies virtually got together for our relay challenge. The nature of the task meant they had to be creative with their videos or pictures recording the event. They also had to come up with a clever or funny team name and plan routes to accommodate all the runners in their team, while adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

Ten teams took part with 125 ladies altogether and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the task and particularly when they handed over their virtual baton to the next runner. Prizes were awarded based on the most creative presentation which made it hard to judge as so many teams pulled out some cracking videos. Some teams clocked up impressive mileage over the day with one doing 80 miles between them. Team members from ‘For Fox Sake why do you live there’ were delivered homemade cream tea to celebrate their win.

Map My Letter

We have recently seen the ‘RouLetter’ challenge, each member was given a letter to run and record in a map. All the letters were then collated in a post and all members had chance to descramble them to form popular saying or phrase. It kept some of our members busy for hours, both running the letters and putting together the phrase. Neither were as easy it looked!

Virtual Family Sports Day

A challenge for the whole family to take part in one sunny Sunday. As many family members could take part and single parent families could join up virtually with other households. Points were awarded for each activity as well as the number achieved and contestants got to choose between two different activities on each round. After an initial 5km walk run or cycle option the activities included ;- skipping, hula hooping, keepie uppies, wheelbarrow or garden relays, press ups and sit ups, egg and spoon laps and activity course carrying water.

It was great to see the videos and pictures come through of the families enjoying the challenges . Team Godden were our overall winners and won a delicious homemade fresh cream and strawberry sponge cake.

Leah’s Duathlon Challenge

Leah set the latest challenge by encouraging the ladies to try something new. A Duathlon (which is Run Bike Run consistently one after the after) with three different options to suit all abilities and the option to take part indoors on treadmill and static bike. The choices were;

SUPERSPRINT– 1.5km Run 10k Bike 1.5km Run

SPRINT 2.5km Run 21Km Bike 5Km Run

STANDARD 5km Run 42km Bike 10km Run

FOXY CUBS (family friendly version) 1.5km Run 5km Bike 2km Run.

So many of the ladies embraced it along with their families, kids and partners all getting involved and enjoying taking part in a new type of exercise. Many said the second run after the bike ride took its toll as they got off the bike their legs either felt like lead or jelly!

We continue to also keep them moving and entertained whilst at home with recipe ideas and nutrient suggestions, live workouts, live interviews with members and leaders and informative videos.

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